Graphite pencils offer a range of values that bring incredible depth and dimension to a drawing. My preferred medium is graphite because I am drawn to the classic look of black and white. I feel the same way about photography and film.

I work with colored pencils as well, however I urge my clients to consider graphite. I think you will be surprised at how a simple pencil can render such a life-like image.


Colored Pencil

My favorite colored pencils to work with are Prismacolor, they are soft and waxy and give the appearance of pastel in a finished portrait.  The colors in the sample portraits are achieved by layering to exactly match your pet’s coat colors.  You will see flecks of blue in and purple mixed with darker areas to effectively reflect tone and highlights.

Most of my clients commission a colored pencil portrait. They are usually astounded by the richness of the color and tell me that I captured their dog as if I knew him personally.