“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet”
-Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette

I know I am not alone when I think of how much joy animals can bring into our lives. My motivation for pursuing pet portraiture is to honor them and the special place they hold in our hearts. I am a self-taught artist however, I regularly attend professional artist’s workshops with world-renowned clinicians.

Drawing is the one activity where I am at my best and where I experience “flow”. Flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does where there is balance between challenge and skill. Time passes quickly when I am drawing and I never want to stop. The most exciting moment is when the image gives the illusion that it is about to jump off the page!

After I finish a piece for a client, I look forward to witnessing their response upon seeing the portrait for the first time (priceless)! Portraits make a great gift especially when it’s a surprise.  People do not normally expect to receive one so it’s always a big hit!

My preferred medium is pencil. Graphite, charcoal and colored pencils allow me to incorporate the fine details in a portrait. Using a favorite photo of your pet (or a person), my goal is to capture his or her unique personality on paper. I take great pride in my work and it is my hope that I exceed my client’s expectations with every portrait.

While drawing brings me peace, I also thrive on the bit of chaos that comes from having pets. I receive unconditional love everyday from my dogs Hadji and Enzo (rescue pictured). I’m so grateful that they are part of my family!

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